The Allure of Moss on Hypertufa

The Allure of Moss on Hypertufa

When planning a hike with my pup, I tend to gravitate towards Clark Reservation in Jamesville, NY.  The woods and rocks are covered in moss throughout the year.  With last week’s thaw, it was welcoming to see how green and lush the moss appeared despite the cold. 

You may think, I am just using this post as a way to showcase my pup but actually not…  I want to show you how beautiful moss on hypertufa troughs can be-

This is Clark’s Reservation without a pup. Still beautiful.

I recently finished these two new hypertufa troughs. My hypertufa recipe is a mix of portland cement, sand, vermiculite and PEAT MOSS!  Because these are fresh out of a 14 day cure, they look quite brown but they will “grey up” in no time and if placed outside in the spring, it will just be a matter of time before they will begin to get a “green-ish” appearance.

Adding peat moss into the mix gives the trough/pot some porosity, lightens up the overall weight and, of course, naturally attracts moss and algae.

As you will notice on the hypertufa spheres, they are showing a green-ish cast. But, on the edges of the herb trough, the moss is established.  This trough if left outside year round by my kitchen door so I can snip thyme and oregano in the dead of winter…sometimes I have to dig through the snow a bit!